Planning compliance and enforcement

The Planning Enforcement complaint form allows you to bring to our attention an alleged breach of planning control located in the Havant borough.

The Council investigates the following breaches:

  • Unauthorised building works and uses of land or buildings
  • Development of sites
  • Breach of planning conditions
  • Works to a tree(s) with a Tree Preservation Order without consent
  • Works being carried out to a listed buildings without consent
  • Advertisements
  • Untidy land
  • High hedges

The following are not considered breaches:

  • Civil disputes
  • Boundary disputes, Party walls and land ownership
  • Highway matters – Vehicle obstruction and parking
  • Drainage concerns – sewers and soakaways
  • Smell, light and noise nuisance
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Health and safety

We will not be able to investigate the above as they do not fall under our remit.