Exceptional household support fund

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Household Support Fund was introduced in October 2021 to provide support to vulnerable households in most need of support with essentials over the winter period.

Although this is considered an extension to the previous two DWP household support fund schemes, it is a new fund and subject to its own conditions.

The DWP Household Support Fund runs from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 or until the budget is spent.

The Household Support Fund is there to support those in exceptional cases of genuine emergency where existing support from housing benefit, Universal Credit (housing element) and discretionary housing payments do not meet the exceptional need.

Who can apply

We accept applications from, or on behalf of, people who are in financial difficulties. The person receiving the help must:

  • be over the age of 16
  • live in the Borough of Havant
  • Ongoing housing support for rent should be provided through the housing cost element of Universal Credit or through Housing Benefit rather than this fund. In addition, a Discretionary Housing Payment must first be considered before the exceptional housing support is offered through this fund. We must also consider whether the applicant is at statutory risk of homelessness and therefore owed a duty of support through the Homeless Prevention Grant.

In exceptional cases of genuine emergency, households in receipt of HB, UC, or DHPs can still receive housing cost support through this Fund to help with rent arrears.

Hampshire County Council have also allocated household support funding for a second food voucher scheme to help households in receipt of council tax support and housing benefit.

Other help that is available

For help with utility bills such as gas, electric and water visit Citizens Advice or residents can call the advice helpline 0808 278 7809 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Email address advice@citizensadvicehavant.org

Hampshire County Council’s connect4communities programme can also signpost you to community pantries in the area. Community pantries work on the principle of giving those in need the opportunity to have a ‘helping hand’ by getting food at a lower price on a weekly basis.

Access to the community pantry is by way of membership and, for a small weekly contribution, members receive food to a significantly higher value.

What can’t be funded

  • any application made that is felt to be not an immediate need
  • applications from those with sufficient income or savings
  • support with mortgages or personal debts
  • phone costs or associated expenses
  • help with payment of your ongoing rent as this is met through either:
    • housing benefit if you are eligible
    • housing element of Universal Credit
    • discretionary housing benefit (for those receiving either housing benefit or housing element of Universal Credit
  • help with council tax as this is met through either:
    • the council tax discretionary relief scheme
    • the council tax extreme hardship scheme (for those receiving a council tax reduction)

Reviewing the decision

There are no further appeals rights for the grant, the council’s decision is final.

How to apply

To apply please complete the Household support fund application form. You must live in the Borough of Havant.

You will also need to provide:

  • proof of rent arrears
  • a bank statement dated within the last two months detailing your name, address, and most recent transactions.
  • national insurance number

Please apply by following the link here. You can send your evidence to Client.Team@havant.gov.uk