Community development and centres

What is community development?

Community development is about building active, strong and sustainable communities by creating safe and pleasant places to live. It is about removing the barriers that prevent people from becoming in involved with the issues that affect their lives. It is based on the sharing of power, skills, knowledge and expertise.

We can achieve this through:

  • Identifying appropriate community projects and initiatives that address local needs.
  • Asking residents what they'd like in their area and helping them achieve their goals - this may be through developing a community plan
  • Work with the voluntary sector to develop services, through the compact and provide shared training opportunities and advise on funding
  • Work in partnership with other organisations to help map services and see where gaps exist.
  • Provide accurate and clear information about best practice and promote and help develop the community centres in the Borough

Get involved

There are many benefits to being involved in your local area. You can:

  • Get your opinion heard and understood
  • Have your say about council services
  • Play a creative role in shaping your future and create a safer more pleasant place to live for future generations
  • Get to know lots of new people
  • Build skills and receive training and support
  • Increase your levels of confidence
  • Achieve a personal sense of satisfaction from volunteering

Community centres

As well as supporting local community and residents’ groups, we also support local community centres in seeking funding and provide advice and guidance where needed.

For more information on the groups and forums in your area, please contact us online or call 023 9244 6406.

Assets of community value

New legislation helps communities bid for and buy valuable community facilities.