Breastfeeding welcome scheme

The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is a Hampshire County Council funded project which aims to encourage mums to feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding in businesses within Havant Borough town centres.

Those that are participating in the scheme display a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme window sticker to show mums that they are welcome to breastfeed their babies in the premises.

Businesses will provide a comfortable and safe environment, where they will not discriminate against a breastfeeding mum.

NHS research has shown that breastfeeding brings a number of health benefits for both baby and mother.

In the borough 85% of mums breastfeed newborns, but by 6-8 weeks this has decreased to 45%.  

The two main reasons that mums stop breastfeeding are;

  • there isn’t enough accessible help once they have left hospital
  • mums feel they can’t breastfeed outside the privacy of their home

Havant Borough Council is committed to making breastfeeding an easier choice for mums.

Havant Borough Council is working to help mums by providing locations throughout the borough where they can breastfeed their babies easily.

The council will be asking retailers in Havant, Waterlooville and Leigh Park to join the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme and display a sticker so that mums know they can breastfeed there, in a friendly environment. 

Information about the Law

The Equality Act 2010 has specifically clarified that it is unlawful for a business to discriminate against a women because she is breastfeeding a child.

Discriminating against someone because they are with a breastfeeding mother is also prohibited.

How to join the breastfeeding welcome scheme

To join the breastfeeding welcome scheme, please get in touch with our team by calling 023 9244 6019.

A senior member of your business will be asked to sign a written agreement stating the business will adhere to the membership criteria. A membership pack, certificate and window sticker will be issued.

Your business will be added to the participating premises list, published on our website and promoted via leaflets, posters, health professionals and children’s centres.

Together with mums from the local breastfeeding support groups we will ensure that businesses are supported to adhere to the criteria.